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When speaking of the elements - earth, air, fire and water - it is the fifth element, aether, in which everything exists. This is where we experience true consciousness uninhibited by 3D influence and can authentically connect to Source in our truest form.

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Liv and I invite you to read about my journey and discover how I might help you along yours.

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Meet Liv

Everything that happens in life provides us with opportunities for personal growth. Sometimes we thrive, sometimes we don't. No matter the path we choose, in each of those moments a part of us changes. We are no longer who we were yesterday, an hour or moment ago. Something has evolved, something has shifted. Be it a small change or a drastic transformation, with each change we continue moving along our life path and shape our realities according to who we have become following each of those moments. This is the beautiful thing about experiencing life here on Mother Earth - every moment is a new one.

For me, it wasn't one defining moment that has gotten me this far. It was many, many moments that have changed and reshaped my life from the most subtle to the deepest parts of me. Along the way I've been fortunate enough to have people who love and support me, but the most important lesson I've come to understand, is that no one can help you more than you can help yourself. Going within to find the answers and to live your truth is what life is all about. Learning, embracing and loving the real you is humankind's greatest and most triumphant challenge.

I've always felt a connection to the aetheric realm. I can recall being very young when I first felt vibrational energy around me but had no idea what it was or that it was something I could connect with. I felt the presence of people who had passed over and knew that there was more to the picture. My intuition was loud at times but I didn't know how to listen to it. I would make poor decisions and then curse myself afterwards thinking "I knew that would happen!". For the most part, I didn't engage with much of what was going on within me. I didn't speak about my experiences very often and even when I did, I didn't fully understand it.

It wasn't until adulthood when I had gone so far down a path of low vibrational, fear-based emotions that I realised I had disconnected from myself so severely that I no longer recognised who I was. I had lost my sense of identity with no idea of how to reclaim my passions let alone contribute anything to this world that felt truly mine and mine alone. It was then that I began to listen again and felt a calling to return to my true self. At times it was deeply confronting. I went to some dark places mentally and emotionally but by working through those moments and learning to go within to find my truth, I began to heal. I began to expand spiritually and the more I practised and relaxed into the process, the stronger my connection grew to divine consciousness.

An unexpected connection that I was drawn to first was Runes. After learning about them on a practical level, I performed a traditional ceremony to create my own set and it was here that that deep calling suddenly felt familiar. These Runes that I had just made were speaking to me in a way I had not experienced before. With the help of my spirit guides, I developed my unique way of casting the Runes which help me to convey the messages from Source, the higher-self, spirit guides and sometimes loved ones who have passed over.

Working with the Runes amplified my ability to connect to Source and gradually, that same calling urged me to find other ways to help people. My journey to become a healer was born from this relentless process of consciousness expansion and self-discovery. I am a certified Reiki practitioner however, as I quickly discovered, that one healing modality was just the beginning for me. Now, I am honoured and deeply grateful to be able to channel multiple Universal healing energies which I am still in awe of everyday. Learning to work with these energies and how they can help people has been a fascinating process for me and one that will undoubtedly continue to grow throughout my time here. It is with this love and gratitude that I developed Aetheric Body Therapy.

Your life journey is as unique as you and there are no rules for how each stage of it begins, continues and transforms. But there are times when the path becomes unclear, or we feel we don't understand the lesson laid before us. This is where I hope to help. As an Intuitive Healer I aim to help you with your next moment so you can continue your journey, listen to your inner wisdom and live a life of joy.

How I Can Help

Aetheric Body


  • Cleanses, restores and revitalises the energetic body (auric field)
  • Works gently on a subconscious level, helping you heal from within
  • Incorporates crystal healing and sound therapy



  • Psychic readings through the magic of ancient Norse Runes
  • Provides guidance for your soul's journey through this lifetime
  • Remote readings available, includes in-depth written reading sent to your email

Aetheric Body Therapy

Aetheric Body Therapy works on the energetic (auric) body, the resonate part of us not visible to the naked eye. Similar to the chakra system which resides predominantly in our physical body, the aetheric body is our consciousness that expands outward. Scientists today identify it as an electromagnetic field, while our ancient ancestors knew it to be vibrational energy resonating out from our heart centre. They understood the importance of its deep connection beginning in the physical body, expanding to those around us, to Mother Earth and the Universe itself.

Put simply, the aetheric body is your unique vibration. It projects the energetic part of you beyond the physical and carries with it your thoughts, emotions and experiences from current and past lives. As with everything else, your energy is intertwined with all expressions of consciousness and can therefore be impacted by these. This includes your environment and the people around you. Ever felt uneasy around someone and didn't know why? Ever felt an instant connection with someone you just met? That's your aetheric body interacting with your surroundings and your intuition acts as the translator for this energy exchange.

When the natural flow of your aetheric body becomes blocked, it causes disruption on a subconscious level, right through to the physical. By channelling Universal healing energies, Liv works to clear these blocks, restore balance and revitalise your energies. Incorporating different elements such as crystal healing and sound therapy, each session will be different and depend on your individual needs at the time.

Aetheric Body Therapy can help with emotional blockages, negative mental or lifestyle patterns, ease emotional burdens associated with grief or trauma, renewal of self-confidence and self-love, clarity and direction for your soul journey and life purpose.

Aetheric Body Therapy is almost exclusively a hands-off treatment method. It works on the energetic (auric) body; hence this is where your treatment will occur. However, depending on the extent of your ailment or the degree in which the negative energies are impacting your emotional, mental or physical wellbeing, it may require more targeted treatment which involves very light touch, usually on your head, shoulders, solar plexus, hips or feet. Your permission will be sought prior to treatment commencing.

Aetheric Body Therapy involves shifting, repairing and reinvigorating the energies that make you, you. With this movement, it’s common for people to experience physical sensations, even when the treatment is hands-off. Some sensations you may experience are:

  • Relaxation and stillness
  • Tingling throughout the body or in certain areas
  • Warmth or coolness
  • Flashes of colour or shapes
  • Pulling or drawing out of negative energies
  • Imagery, moving pictures or scenery, often with memorable messages
  • A feeling of lightness and emotional weight being lifted

Shifting energies also aid the release of trapped emotions.

Aside from the physical sensations, you may also experience:

  • Emotional release
  • Mental clarity
  • Deeper understanding of yourself or others
  • Self-love
  • Forgiveness
  • Renewed confidence

There will be an opportunity to discuss your treatment afterwards. Energy work can often bring up deep emotions or present you with hard-hitting questions so it’s important to acknowledge these. Your healing session is held in a loving, safe space free from judgement.

Rune Readings

A Rune reading with Liv will deliver messages that provide direction for your soul’s journey in this lifetime. Through the magic of Runes, Liv aims to inspire each individual with compassionate and loving guidance for a confident, happy life.

Runes originated from the ancient Norse and Germanic cultures and are most recognisable as the written language from the Viking Age although their history is much older and is deeply rooted in the ancient Norse faith. Runes are beautiful, mysterious, and when used in shamanic practise, possess a powerful connection to Source.

During a time of spiritual awakening, Liv experienced a deep calling to begin working with Runes. Through traditional ceremony, she crafted her own set of reading Runes which act as a medium to commune with her Spirit Guides and those of her clients.

When reading, Liv tunes into the energies of the Runes to deliver messages of hope, love and enlightenment

helping each individual to live their truth. The Runes communicate messages about your unique journey, sharing guidance to help you navigate your life and honour your highest good.

Face-to-face Readings

Liv is available for face-to-face readings at Phoenix Alternative, 107 Sturt St, Ballarat on the first Tuesday of every month. Readings take approx 20-30mins and are a great way to get some quick answers, while enjoying the energy exchange of face-to-face readings. Please contact the team at Phoenix Alternative to book a time.

Remote Readings

Short on time? Not in the Ballarat area? No problem - Liv can perform readings remotely. Simply send through a selfie, your name, and any questions you might have and Liv will email your reading within 48hrs. A remote reading is comprehensive, diving deep into your soul's journey. A photo of your Rune spread is also included.

Disclaimer: Please note that Liv does not offer advice regarding legal, medical, or financial matters. By agreeing to accept a reading from Liv, you assume full responsibility for any actions you take based on the advice given. Any guidance provided from a reading is based solely on Liv's intuitive interpretations and should not under any circumstances be used to determine legal, medical or financial decisions. Your reading is given with love and respect. Please treat Liv in the same manner.


By appointment only. Please note my two locations:

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat:

1002 Lydiard Street Nth, Ballarat Nth.

Wed, Fri:

Phoenix Alternative, 107 Sturt St, Ballarat

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